Surfactant Chemicals Company plc, with its global head office located in the heart of Coventry, United Kingdom, is  an aspiring leader in Surfactants & Specialized Chemicals and manufactures a range of surfactants/chemicals for:

1. Agrochemical Industry
2. Paints Industry
3. Textile Specialties
4. Construction Industry
5. Oilfield Chemicals

The core strength and strategic focus is on Surfactants and Emulsifiers and houses massive expertise in emulsification through constant research and development. We manufacture and sell products in most of the Europe, parts of Africa, Far East, Asia and Australia and also have a few joint-venture manufacturing facilities around the globe. Our research and development laboratories in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region allow us to continue our long tradition of product and technology innovation. We have a regional strategic partnership with a world-renowned Japanese firm for specialized Textile Chemicals.. The manufacturing facility, in the U.K., is located on the outskirts of Coventry in the Industrial zone and is also the global operations centre for Paint Surfactants. For Agro Surfactants, Textile Specialties, Construction Chemicals and Oilfield Chemicals, the global operations centre are in France, Japan, U.A.E and
Arkansas respectively.

our business is Innovative Surfactant Chemicals, which is focused on improving the quality of products that make life better for everyone. Our products are used in the agricultural, construction, consumer and industrial markets to make products stronger, more durable, safer, cleaner and more efficient.  Use of our agricultural surfactants help increase the efficiency and safety of finished agro products which in turn increase crop quality and crop yield around the world.

At SCC, we strongly believe in providing
Innovative Surfactant Chemicals and we venture to provide the best quality chemicals and technical services for the industries we operate in. We are exceedingly appreciated for our constant state-of-the-art innovation, expertise and exceptional levels of customer services; Surfactant Chemicals Company is also committed to incessantly improving the levels of safety and environmental responsibility stipulated by the industry.

Our dedicated and experienced teams contribute very fundamental values for our customers to ensure optimized overall operational and manufacturing efficiencies. All our standardized products (in e every country of operations) are at very competitive prices and provide a strong value proposition to our customers across the globe.

Operating in only a few key areas of the industrial sectors, we bank on specialist plant resources, the best trained workforce, highly qualified and most experienced specialists in their field. We have standardized our manufacturing facilities in every country of operations and have standardized world-class products!


Surfactant Chemicals Company, with 2007 revenues of $300 million, has approximately 2,100 employees in research, manufacturing, sales and administrative facilities in only a few parts of the world.  We call ourselves aspiring leaders in surfactants and our focus is on excellence in everything we do, and performance improvement is our mission:  for our customers who seek business solutions; for our employees who want to grow and learn; and for investors who look for innovative thinking, strong planning and solid results.

Throughout our organization, commercial, functional and process excellence teams are working on continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations. These teams are led by employees trained in Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing.  These projects have resulted in major  savings.
To us, commercial excellence means creating high-value solutions for our customers with consistent product quality, reliable delivery and service, and distinctive technology.  Functional excellence means operating at top efficiency to become the low-cost producer of products within our markets. Process excellence enables us to leverage our scale and build strategic sourcing relationships that optimize spending.

Focusing on excellence has led to streamlined manufacturing operations, higher procurement savings, more effective selling processes, improvements in our invoicing and accounts payable processes, and better overall customer service.
Nichole Jacques - Head of R&D (SCC France)
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